John R. Schroeder, AIA

  • John’s plans were flawless, highly detailed, and allowed each builder to bid without questions. And, equally important, John worked very well with our selected builder to ensure that our new kitchen and addition were exactly what we had intended. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John or use him again, despite the fact that he went to Michigan.

Our Projects

We earn our reputation with each and every client.


A proper process allows for decisions to be made wisely and prudently under ideal conditions. It maximizes function and aesthetics. It also saves time and money. We utilize a tried and true process that is widely recognized and accepted to be the best method for ensuring a successful project for everyone involved.


For a project to be truly successful, clients must trust the process even though they may not see or understand its value in the very beginning. We understand and appreciate what it takes to place trust in something, especially when significant money is on the line, and therefore we take our mission very seriously.


Hiring us will save you money! Yes, you are paying us for lines and words on paper, but you are also paying us for our expertise and creativity. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach so sadly common in the building industry, we look for both short and long term, project-specific, money-saving opportunities at every turn.