Chester, CT

Working closely with the client, this existing contemporary house overlooking the Connecticut River was in need of some significant exterior and interior reconfiguration and improvement. On the outside, while saving some select window openings, we basically reworked the fenestration to create a dynamic yet balanced aesthetic. We went with a monochromatic color scheme to heighten the positive-negative sensation. We also redesigned the balcony and front entry to be delicate and light maximizing views and natural light for the interior while providing a nice contrast in form to the main body of the house. On the inside, we reworked the first-floor plan to create a private and public side. On the private side, we included two bedrooms, a full bath, laundry, and mechanical room which accommodates a geothermal system. On the public side, we created a very dynamic yet calming space where streaming natural light and views to earth and sky abound and change from above and below. The overall aesthetic is minimal and clean creating a zen-like atmosphere which balances warm and cool tones. All-in-all, a perfect retreat for a moving and grooving modern family. (Photos by Caryn B. Davis)