Higganum, CT

This interior improvement project entailed modifications and upgrades to a relatively new home in a relatively new neighborhood. While the house had many nice features including a large, nicely landscaped front and rear yard, good sized first and second floor, and some nice trim and finish work, it lacked a good use of space and a thoughtful articulation of details leaving the spaces feeling a bit devoid of personality and character. One main goal was to create a better living space which felt open and well-connected to the kitchen and dining spaces. At one point, we considered pursuing an addition, but realized that simply removing a wall between the front and rear living spaces would achieve the same desire at much less expense. Another important goal was to create a much-needed mudroom and home office. In this case, we took an oversized and underutilized dining room space and added a wall to create these two spaces taking into account existing window locations and circulation patterns. The rest of the project entailed carefully detailing the new built-in cabinetry to maximize their aesthetic and functional effect in each respective space. We also made improvements to the existing kitchen cabinetry by adding the following: new matching cabinetry and trim to the dead space between the upper cabinets and ceiling; new side panels; new knobs and pulls; new built-in coffee station and speed oven cabinet to the side of existing bar cabinetry; new vent hood; new display shelf over the sink; and new backsplash tile to match existing countertops. Lastly, we upgraded the lighting throughout all the first floor spaces to create a nice, unifying theme. (Photos by Caryn B. Davis)