Windsor, CT

A house plagued by ill-proportioned, uninspired living spaces, flimsy, common looking doors, and poorly suited lighting was transformed into a home with cozy, well-articulated rooms, sturdy, unique doors, and a more exciting lighting scheme. A new ceiling installed in the Living and Dining Room responds to the shape of the existing windows, making them feel more purposeful and creating a warm, yet dynamic feel. The new ceiling also provided the chance to create a new second floor loft space and extra storage. In the Living Room, new built-in display shelves and cabinetry with discreet accent lighting engage the new fireplace creating a wonderful place to relax. In the Dining Room, as with the Living Room, the wood floor was refinished from blond to rich, deep brown working beautifully with the new oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures and door hardware. This project is proof positive that when designed properly, it doesn’t take much to create a whole new look for a home’s interior. (photos by Jody Dole)