Deep River, CT

Using the Master Plan we created to guide our execution of phased work for this lovely property overlooking the Connecticut River, we pursued this Lower Level Renovation as a first project to serve as a Multi-Purpose Room and Guest Bedroom beyond.  We originally explored sliding retro-style painted wood partitions with a pattern of translucent glass circles to separate the two rooms, but ultimately, the client desired lots of flexible closed and open storage cabinetry for toys, books, and recreational items.  We explored a variety of wood finishes including medium brown to warm grey, but in the end, the client wanted to match their existing Upper Level Kitchen cabinetry.  The client also desired light, bright carpeting with low contrast for an overall monochromatic look.  We worked hard to meet a tight budget for this first project working as much as possible with the given architectural elements. (Photos by Caryn B. Davis)