Woodbridge, CT

This uniquely designed home in a quiet Woodbridge subdivision presented several challenges as requested by the client.  First, how to brighten, enliven, and better connect the interior of an existing Family Room wing which was dim, static, and remote in feeling.  Second, how to add a Dining Room which also felt fully connected to the main house interior while tying together multiple complex roof forms on the exterior.  The client’s overall desire was to improve both visual connectivity and circulatory flow to enhance entertaining experiences for large gatherings of family and friends.  They also desired to balance and broaden the exterior appeal.  To accomplish the first task, we vaulted the Family Room ceiling, added taller windows, created a more dynamic elevation around the fireplace, and introduced warm, eye-catching lighting.  To accomplish the second task, we utilized the Dining Room addition to provide a second circulatory connection between the main house and Family Room and a second visual connection between the main house and Dining Room by removing existing windows and reforming the openings to jive beautifully with the existing adjacent spaces.  In conjunction with these main tasks we also greatly improved the HVAC systems and conveniently relocated the Laundry Room to the second floor. (Photos by Caryn B. Davis)