Easton, CT

This classic home set on the rolling hills of Fairfield County was in need of extra living space and a more functional garage. After working through several permitting issues and numerous adverse site conditions, we designed a charming one-car garage and converted an existing garage into an office, full bathroom, and entry space. The challenge was to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of each new space in a very limited footprint. The challenge was also to design the garage in such a way that it married well with the scale and character of the existing house. The design provided the opportunity for a small terrace on virtually the only flat area of the property. This area, however, is framed by gorgeous perennial gardens and a beautiful stone retaining wall. The overall aesthetics are clean, simple, and unadulterated, which are in perfect keeping with the house. Every inch of this new addition and renovation are being put to very good use and the project blends seamlessly with the existing home. (photos by Jody Dole)